Denken & doen met drijfveren

People often behave differently in teams and organizations than you would expect based on their individual preferences and character. They adapt to the nature of the team culture. Often this leads to effective forms of cooperation, but also with some regularity will lead to a team dynamic that is not effective; what’s there might not come out. Even perfectly composed teams can get stuck in a communal pattern that doesn’t work well and brings up negative feelings. To get at the heart of this sort of pattern is vital for those leading teams.

With RealDrives you can measure the drives of teams and individuals. In RealDrives results you can read not only the team pattern but also how you can best guide the team and what the dangers and blindspots are. With the individual drive profiles you see how people are put together, how they adjust their behaviour to their environment and what judgements or feelings they have about their environment. The difference between people become concrete and manageable. Read more on